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22 Temmuz 2012 Pazar

If you think to invest Eco-Solvent printer,

                              BEFORE INVEST ECO-SOLVENT PRINTER,READ THIS !

After the economical crysis reached top level at 2008, All Digital printing market approaches changed.
Today almost 5 years passed away, Still all we are struggling  financials and also price pressure on the market.
However, The demand of Digital Printing on Signage due to printer segmentation is looks like this all over the World.

Printing Segments Ratio
Solvent Printing 37%
Eco-Solvent Printing 20%
Latex Printing 25%
Water-Based Printing 3%
Textile Soft-Signage Printing 15%

* As reference of 5 different Sign Magazine information,we collected this date. Data has variations upto more less %10 .But picture almost same.

Therefore it seems Solvent Printintg itself Declining compare to last 5 years ago which was aroun 50% however declining of Solvent printing still not fast as expected due to economical issues.

However  the List shows that Eco-Solvent(or Low Solvent) printing increased %50 percent and Latex printing with the push of HP increased from %200 percent on the market.

I will recommend below Eco -Solvent Printer on this blog,

1-Roland Eco-Solvent printer:  Leading printer manufacture from Japan, specially force market with Print and Cut printers so many years. Roland still leading company on eco-solvent printers however the speed of printers are slower than competitor, and Chinese Epson head printer will be real competitior .However Roland is high quality based printers.And Roland printer doesnt require service a lot.

Roland Printer Models are:

Eco-Solvent Printers

Eco-Solvent  Printers with Metallic & White

I dont recomment Eco solvent printers with Metallic&White due to quality issue and high cost of ink.

2. Mimaki Eco Solvent printer:-Another Leading Japanese company, They are very attractive on 2011-2012 . Mimaki opening New Mimaki owned companies many Emerging companies where Mimaki expect high value . Mimaki expand products much faster after they release Print and Cut printer and Mimaki JV5( which is not perfect printer).Mimaki also launched Latex based ink printer which is second printer of the world after HP and also  bring first White Latex ink from Mimaki.

I recommend Mimaki JV3(old model) and mimaki JV33 printer which highly stable .
JV33 Series
Mimaki Printer Models are:

    JV 3 Series
    JV5 Series
CJV30 Series
3.Mutoh Eco Solvent printer- This is also Japanese company called Mutoh,
 they seem not going smooth on business where they close down Mutoh Belgium 
factory and getting smaller  size and also rumoured on market that Epson and Mutoh
 has close relations and relation may end with Mutoh will /may acquire by Epson
 on long run.(rumoured only)

Mutoh printers are not bad but complicated and not stable compare to Roland and 

4.Seiko printers - Latest Eco solvent(Low Solvent compan)- Seiko Holding is huge 
,including printhead manufacturer and another company is printer manufacturer
 Seiko Infotech.
They had very famous Konica 512MH based Seiko Colorpainter printer with 
14pl printhead which is also OEMed by HP 3-4 years and finalized unsuccesfully 
where only TOYO ink  shoulduse . It was strange that  Seiko used Konica head in
 first pritnter.
Seiko new printer Seiko H series with Seiko 508gs printhead on multicolor option .
It is fast and perfect quality however printer price and ink price is not competition
 with mimaki-Mutoh and rolandwhere they use EPSON head.

5- Eurotechprinters - Mid-size Turkish printer manufacturer where they establish 
Konica 512/1024 14pl oxy -eco odorless solvent printer-Printer price is expensive than
 Roland-Mimaki and Mutoh but size is 3.2m and speed is %50 faster than them.
Ink price 2 times cheaper than others. Quality looks stabil however 
Signage price competition needs low price ink and printer.

You will find more Chinese Printers however Service and Stability is issue ,But they are king of
price .

These are all reality of Market.

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  1. Hey that's really a great post and a wonderful description out here, I really like the way things are being executed and discussed here.


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  3. Nice Post about Eco solvent printer. Where can i buy this Eco solvent Printers

  4. Here in Peru is being used much wit galaxy color for printing large format indoor and outdoor dx5 and heads epson DX7

  5. realmente epson ha avanzasado mucho con la serie S


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